Caring for Each Other: Emotional Support for Health Care Team Members

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One of Duke University Health System’s values is “Caring for our patients, their loved ones and each other.” As part of that value, they offer a number of programs to provide emotional support to team members when they encounter professional, patient-related, and/or personal stressors. Using a multi-pronged approach, they provide proactive and responsive services, including support by professional and volunteer team members. View this webinar to learn about how to provide peer support directly as well as how to build a support structure for your health care teams to ensure that we are truly caring for each other.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe types of distressing events and the variability of responses
  • Learn about options to provide support after distressing events to health care team members
  • Learn how to provide direct peer support
  • Understand components of training volunteers who support team members after these events
  • Recognize that a comprehensive program includes both responsive services and preventive action
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