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Caring for Each Other: Emotional Support for Health Care Team Members

December 5, 2022

View this webinar to hear how Duke University Health System provides emotional support to team members when they encounter professional, patient-related, and/or personal stressors using a multi-pronged approach. Viewers will learn how to provide peer support directly as well as how to build a support structure for health care teams to ensure that we are truly caring for each other.

The Effects of Social and Behavioral Factors on Maternal Mortality

December 7, 2022

Learn about broadening the standard of care that addresses not only clinical and medical pregnancy issues but also behavioral health concerns like peripartum depression and suicide ideation. Viewers will learn how awareness and assessment of social and behavioral factors throughout the ante, peri, and postpartum periods can be an effective method for providing life-saving care for all mothers.

Healthy Aging: Creating Age-Friendly Health Systems

December 10, 2022

The Age-Friendly Health Systems initiative is designed to meet the needs of older adults, looking beyond acute events, engaging the whole community, and achieving better health for older adults. View this webinar to learn about the importance and impact of the 4Ms Framework, hear bright spots in the field integrating value-based, Age-Friendly care and benefits of joining the action community.

Challenges for Hospitals: Creating and Maintaining High Reliability

December 13, 2022

Variations in the competency, quality, and adoption of evidence-based medicine among your clinical teams are a core driver of your adverse events and claims. With nurses spending more one-on-one time with patients than any other healthcare worker, this makes the need for their ability to perform at the highest level essential to providing safe patient care.

Applying Human-Centered Design to the Improvement of Health Care

December 14, 2022

Matt Kelly and Marc McLaughlin, partners with the innovation and strategy group, Do Tank, dive into some tools and concepts that explore the application of empathy mapping, design sprinting, storytelling, strategy canvases and other cutting edge approaches to creatively impact quality improvement, clinician engagement, community based partnerships, and more.

Reimagine Patient and Family Communication with Mobile Technology

December 14, 2022

Now, more than ever, meaningful human connections are needed in healthcare. For families and friends at home or in a waiting room, receiving status updates about their loved ones in a hospital reduces the levels of worry and stress. Learn how Lehigh Valley Health Network uses a mobile app to send secure texts, photos, and video updates to patients’ loved ones.

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